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Rethink develops eLearning that is challenging and stimulating through the use of images, video and interactive tasks.

Convenient and Cost Effective

Technology is changing the way we learn. Employees can complete the training at their convenience, on a telephone, tablet or PC,  during a break or at home. Detailed statistics show employee progress. The investment costs for the development of eLearning are low when comparing with all expenses associated with traditional training forms.


Short, concise learning modules

An Effective, Focused Way of Presenting Elearning

With NanoLearning, a topic is separated into several concise modules, each usually under 5 minutes in length. The learners receive short objects instantly, either through e-mail or as a link. Often NanoLearning modules will be part of an awareness campaign where the modules are released over time, and can also contain confirmation functionality.


Our strength lies in our ability to tell a story and understand and convey our customer's message.

Professional Film Production for Marketing and Learning

RETHINK has years of experience producing marketing films, educational films, concept and event films. These can be used on webpages and social media, as presentations, or infomercials. By implementing  animations, music and sound design as well as text and graphical elements, we can produce films with an even stronger effect.

Animation and Visualization

2D and 3D imagery and video

Visualization alone or in combination with other media

Standalone or as a part of a larger media production, animations and visualisation are a powerful tool when it comes to conveying everything from technical concepts to emotion-driven ideas.

Graphic Design

Good design makes the invisible visible

Professional design is an expression of purpose

RETHINK can design brochures, handbooks, posters, etc. as well as elements such as characters and logos for larger productions.  This can be as a stand alone product or in combination with other media.

Learning Portal Services

A learning portal is a company's digital learning archive

RETHINK offers learning portal services to customers that do not already have one.

A learning portal (LMS) is essential for making eLearning and NanoLearning available to your employees, customers and suppliers.  It also gives administrators access to statistics and reports.

Our Work

Who We Are

RETHINK is an experienced eLearning provider that can help your organization create meaningful eLearning.

Our strength lies in delivering high class, professional eLearning and media solutions that match each customer’s individual needs.

Our multidisciplinary team has experience with all parts of the process, from consulting to pedagogical design to content production.

The name RETHINK is relatively new- the company was started in 2015-  but we are a team that has been working together since 2007.  Our roots are in the oil and gas industry. As the internal eLearning and multimedia department for Aker Solutions for 8 years, we gained invaluable experience in developing learning solutions for a large international company.

After a large company reorganization in 2014, a mutual decision was made to separate our group from the Aker enterprise and start RETHINK.

Today, we are an independent company with a growing customer base within sectors including oil and gas, energy, technology, finance, building and construction and more.

Our Customers

Team Members

Arne B. Mikalsen


Arne tries to keep track of the creative group  in Rethink, tries his best to sell  for the company and otherwise enjoys working with text and pedagogy

Amanda Dybel


Amanda is a bit of a geek and a jack of all trades, and enjoys both technical and creative challenges. She has a background in computer science as well as multimedia technology and design.

Jeanette Noddeland


Jeanette works with varied tasks in media, mostly with 3D animations and the development of various e-learning courses. She has studied multimedia technology and design at UiA and Interactive digital media at Aalborg University.

Gunstein Myre

Film Developer

Gunstein was born with camera equipment in his hands. He is creative, committed and dedicated. He has extensive experience in film and media production

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